The episode starts with Hachiman (Hikigaya Hachiman) being told off by the teacher Shizuka (Hiratsuka Shizuka) for his paper on his reflection of highschool life. As punishment for his essay, Shizuka-sensei forces Hachiman to join the "Volunteer Club/Service Club (doesn't really matter, same thing)" Where he meets Yukino (Yukinoshita Yukino). He explains Yukino being a honor student in the special class for oversea returning students and mentions her being a genius of sorts, although not mentioned, in later episode it is said that Yukino has the highest test grade in the grade. 

Yukino displays her distaste in Hachiman the first time meeting him, but Shizuka-sensei mentions that there's nothing to fear about Hachiman, and that he is harmless. Despite that Yukino still doesn't want Hachiman in the club but Shizuka resolves the conflict by making a challenge, whoever that "helps" more people can give an order to the other that they cannot refuse. 

The story then pauses and continues with Yui (Yuigahama Yui) comes in to the Service Club for a request. She claims she wanted to make cookies for a person and needs help. It is revealed in later parts of this episode that Yui is absolutely horrible at cooking, her cookies often described as "charcoal" by both Yukino and Hachiman. 

Hachiman resolves the issue telling a story of his life about himself (referred to as a friend of friend) being rejected after being led on by a nice girl. He concludes that the morals of the story is that men are simple creatures, and they would be moved just by receiving a handmade gift from a girl. Yui accepts that fact and marks the conclusion of the club activities. The episode ends with Yui giving cookies to both Yukino and Hachiman as thanks to their help and Hachiman eating the cookie despite almost throwing up from consuming them.